Happy 311 Day... Sorry for the delay, but now that I am off the 311 and Kid Rock Cruises, I finally have high-speed internet and the ability to upload your photos with the band which should all be online now!

Just a warning. I did my best to work my way through the 1,000 + pictures we took that day and attempted to edit each of the band members eyes open if they were closed. I know I may have missed a couple...

Unfortunately as well, there are pictures with some of your eyes closed... I tried to catch some of you when we were shooting, but due to having to shoot for 5 hours and almost 3,000 people... there were ones we missed. If you are one of those who blinked... Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] with your image # and a picture of you with your eyes open... and I will do my best to edit it for you. Same goes for the band members as well.

Thanks again to all who smiled for my camera on the great cruise.

Best wishes,

-Will Byington
Sixthman Photographer

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Photo Release 2013

Photo Release 2013