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Back to the summer of '04  After about six months of trying to launch the business and quickly learning I knew nothing I was back at step one.  In my senior year of college I had taken a photography class and always done it as a hobby and found it to be a passion as I explored the world around me.  While touring I had set up a website to share my adventures and even offered a store to buy some prints never selling more than $100 - $200 in a month but bringing in beer money so no complaints.  I still don't know to this day what clicked or why but in August of that year…not only did my friend Danny Beck at the great Chicago bar Toons buy a print of mine and instantly framed it and hung it on the wall at his bar… but I also sold 8 prints in one week…the most I ever had in that short of a time and it sparked an idea Why not try to do photography full time!  The #1 seller at the time and the picture that I credit with kickstarting it all. was a color version of a baseball on the field at beautiful Wrigley Field with the green ivy and iconic scoreboard behind it.  I had taken the image a year before while on a private tour of the ballpark and now the Friendly Confines were pushing me forward once again.  

Here is an edited version of that original image and still one of my most popular shots:


​Fast forward to today Ten years later and I am still doing photography full time.  I am incredibly thankful for my family and friends who have supported, enabled, encouraged and pushed me forward with this life.  I am launching this new site today the latest version of my website containing what I consider some of my best images.  Take a look around.  I will be adding MANY more shots as I know there are multiple images I have forgotten and have yet to take.  Say hello let me know what shots you love or what you would like to see more of.  I have also tried and failed at blogging over the past decade and hope to change that.  I hope to post more stories, behind the scenes, Q&A, and anything else here on the blog.  Finally as I keep trucking forward Let me know if we can work together.  No gig is too small or too large and no distance is too far.  I am willing to travel the world or to a backyard in Lakeview.  I can do video as well as photography  Let's work together!  

​With all that I say thank you again and welcome… Enjoy your look around. 

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New website coming soon... https://www.willbyington.com/blog/2014/5/new-website-coming-soon The never ending website update is still a work in progress….  New Website coming soon!

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