Hey everybody! Thank you so much to all of you who smiled, posed, worked out, laughed and anything else in front of my camera at #CampNerdFitness.

Within these galleries, you will find MANY more shots than you will ever need. I tried to capture everyone... but as there was only one of me, and hundreds of you... I am sorry if I missed you. I have also shuffled the photos to create a collage of the 4 days of fun. Search through each album and enjoy the smiles! I tried to edit as much as I could... but I might've missed some edits also. Let me know if I need to lighten, enhance, crop any favorite images!

You can download your pictures FREE as a thank you from Nerd Fitness and Will Byington Photography.

Enjoy. Please feel free to tag me in any posts you share on Instagram/Twitter: @willbyington as I love seeing how you share the shots! Also tag #CampNerdFitness

Best wishes, - @WillByington

Camp Nerd Fitness 2022 Photos by @WillByington

Power Pose Photos by @WillByington