Within these galleries you will find your photo with KISS on the 2012 Kruise. Once you find your image... click on the thumbnail to see the larger version. Then use the "DOWNLOAD" link at the top of the larger image to download the original full high-resolution image to your computer. We provide you the images FREE to download as a thank you from Sixthman and KISS.

A couple of thoughts:
1) if you don't find your image at first in the group you thought you were in... first check the end of the group before or the start of the group after... sometimes they get split and 92% of the time, they have been found that way.
2) As much as we tried to catch everyone with their eyes open... a few slipped through the cracks. If your eyes are closed, e-mail me and I will do my best to try and help.
3) That's it. Thanks for smiling and saying hello on the boat.

-Will Byington / Sixthman

Thursday photos with KISS

Friday photos with KISS

Photo Release - Download this to be able to print your photo.