Greetings from Will Byington, Sixthman's photographer on the "Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea" Cruise. Thank you to everyone who smiled and posed for my camera during the great journey. Within these pages you will find your FREE photos to download… including your photo with Joe and any shots I captured around the ship that you saw on the in-cabin TVs. Unfortunately we do not provide the band/artist performance shots as those will be used throughout the year for marketing and promotions.

To download your photo for FREE as a thank you from Joe Bonamassa, Sixthman and Will Byington Photography… find your image, and once you are viewing the large version… at the top of the photo… click "Download" and select "Original Size" and it will save to your computer for easy printing or sharing as you wish.

Please contact me with any questions or comments and be sure to tag #BluesAliveAtSea so we can all see where you share it!

Photos with Joe Bonamassa

Fan Photos by Sixthman

Photo Release