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Greetings from Sixthman's photographer Will Byington. Thank you to everyone who posed and smiled for my camera on the KISS KRUISE IV.

Within these galleries you will find your images with KISS as well as my photos which were on the onboard TVs of the greatest fans in the world. All of my images except for the ones of the bands will be available for FREE to download and share as you wish.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you. -Will Byington


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Guestbook for KISS KRUISE 2014
Annette Lee(non-registered)
Will Byington! Best photographer EVER!!!!!
Annette Lee(non-registered)
I would like to send KUDO's to Will Byington, an amazing photographer! Being a KISS Kruise Commader I would also like to say, it was awesome seeing all of our KK friends & everyone at Sixthman again! Also, very honored to help the newbie "Sailors"! I just hope that KISS has something "Very Special" planned for all the Commanders that will be sailing next year for #5! I mean really? That's 1/2 a decade of pure, solid DEDICATION and I think we deserve something extra-ordinary!
JOHN SALZONE(non-registered)
Had the greatest time on my First Cruise. I will be there agin next year without doubt. Ty Kiss and Sixthman for a great time.
Debbie Anderson(non-registered)
Will, awesome job as usual, especially with how many pictures you take and the short amount of time you have to get everyone through. I am amazed everyone's eyes are open!
Our photo turned out FANTASTIC! Thanks so much!
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