Hello Nerds! Greetings from your camp paparazzi! Thank you to everyone for smiling, posing and letting me document the amazing Camp Nerd Fitness 2016! It was an epic 4 days... and over the coming week, I will be posting more images from the last two days. As you will find here... I am posting WAY more shots than you will ever need or want to see... but I hopefully captured as many of you as I could and a moment that I don't think was a great photo... might be a moment that means a ton to you! I am sorry if I missed you as well. Please enjoy these photos and download them and share them as you wish! When possible... tag me @willbyington and add the hashtag #CampNerdFitness or #CampNF so we can all see them. If you have questions or comments or just want to say hello... send them my way. Enjoy- @willbyington