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Hello everyone! To the bands who played The Rock Boat XXII - THANK YOU for melting our faces and giving everything you've got! Within this gallery, you will find over 1,000 photos from epic moment after epic moment as captured by Sixthman's photography team of @WillByington and @TammyVega_ across the 5 days that was #TheRockBoat! They are 100% FREE to download and share as you wish!
Please tag @TheRockBoat and Photo by @WillByington / @TammyVega_ #TheRockBoat

I am still working my way through the thousands of photos captured over the week... and have tried to make sure every artist from the lineup is well represented here. With that said, if I somehow in my moments of boat dumb have missed an artist... please let me know!!!
- @Will Byington
[email protected]