Greetings from Sixthman's official photographer on the Simple Man Cruise VIII… Thank you to everyone who smiled and posed for my camera on the boat! Thank you also for your patience as I was on the ship until this past Thursday with all of you finishing up photographing all 5 of our fall cruises.

Within these galleries, you will find my official photos that were seen via the onboard TVs in your cabin and around the ship. As a THANK YOU from Sixthman, Lynyrd Skynyrd and myself… we provide them FREE to download and share as you wish!

Please be sure to tag #SimpleManCruise as you share these.

One final note as I have already had many ask… I was the only official photographer for Sixthman. I know NCL had photographers on board and their photos were only available in the photo gallery on the ship. There were also many others with cameras taking shots… I hope you find what you were looking for here within my galleries. Feel free to contact me should you have any additional questions.

Best wishes-