Greetings from Sixthman's Official Photographer, Will Byington. Thank you to everyone who posed, smiled, acted out and jumped in front of my camera over the past weekend on The Rock Boat XI. It was excellent meeting all of you and hopefully I captured many of you over the weekend. Collected here within these galleries are the fan shots you saw on the on-board TVs over the cruise as well as a few extras. They can all be downloaded for FREE so enjoy. You will notice the band shots are not included here as we are not able to distribute those. Also... these are unedited for the most part and some may be missing. If there is a shot that you think i took that you do not see here, contact me. Finally... please find me on Facebook and Twitter and say hello!!!

The Rock Boat XI - Pre Party

The Rock Boat XI - Thursday

The Rock Boat XI - Friday

The Rock Boat XI - Saturday

The Rock Boat XI - Sunday